Qalandar Festival featuring Fanna-Fi-Allah – Sunday 30th April

Qalandar festival brings together diverse artists and musicians to celebrate and promote the true spirit of artistic expression in mysticism and as an ode to brotherhood and faith in the human spirit. The festivals programme of song, discourse and deliberation offers festival-goers unique opportunities to delve into diverse musical styles and never-before-heard combinations of cross cultural collaborations which aim to sweep audiences away in a blend of the senses. Presented in MAC Birmingham’s outdoor amphitheatre, the venue is transformed into a mystic shrine to ensure it’s as conducive to transcendental spirituality as the music itself.

Qalandar festivals 2017 programme is specially put together to mark the 70th anniversary of the formation of Pakistan and Indian independence. It features an array of local artists including Azad Kashmir Folk Group and Azhar Hussain Qawwal alongside the internationally acclaimed US based Qawwali group Fanna-Fi-Allah.

Fanna-Fi-Allah’s passionately devotional music is a leading representation of Sufi Qawwali music worldwide. With their rich rhythmic grooves, soaring vocal melodies and the bright intensity of their live performances, Fanna-Fi-Allah urges us to lift our hearts in exaltation and devotion to the Divine. They embody an authentic continuation of the ancient tradition of Sufi music. Key members of the group have spent over 20 years in dedicated study with the masters of this classical art-form in Pakistan and India and are deeply respected.

Ticket cost: £20 (£15)

Age: 12+ only

To book online, click here.

Find out more about Fanna-Fi-Allah on their website and Facebook.

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