Punjabtronix: July 13th – July 30th 2017

Punjabtronix, a new music project is commissioned and produced by Asian Arts Agency in partnership with Watershed, Bristol, to promote international collaborations between artists from England and India to respond to Reimagine India 2017 as part of India’s 70th Independence anniversary.

Punjabtronix will feature a new live collaboration between established British-Indian electronic music producer Swami and traditional Punjabi folk musicians, synchronised with unique live mixed digital video projections.

Expect a live mix of electronic dance music with Punjabi dhol drums, vocals, traditional sarangi and tumbi stringed instruments and the hypnotic sounding double flute algoza – traditional melodies interacting creatively with live electronic drum machines, synthesiser arpeggios and basslines layered with the powerful distinct rhythms and melodies of the Punjab.

For further information about Punjabtronix and the Asian Arts Agency, you can check out their website, Twitter and Facebook.

This page will be updated as further information becomes available.

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