ZEE Birmingham Mela 2017

Nothing screams festival and celebration more than a mela; a fair that hosts an informal, social gathering full of fun, food and entertainment.

ZEE Sandwell & Birmingham Mela is the biggest Asian music festival in Europe.


Europe’s largest Asian music festival, ZEE Sandwell and Birmingham Mela invites South-Asian music, dance, food and arts enthusiasts to Victoria Park, Smethwick on 1st and 2nd July from 12pm – 7pm.

Staging some of the biggest names in the UK and International Asian entertainment scene, the mela features 6 zones with enjoyment for all.


Main Stage 

“This is where it all happens, the music, dance and party! The Main Stage will see a range of performances talk place throughout the day, from Bollywood to Pollywood and local to international. We showcase the best in Asian music and dance with collaboration from the biggest international Punjabi Artists. Also featuring national and local artists from the UK, the main stage is a centre point for artistic showcase.”


“With over 100 stalls featuring food from all over the world to a mix of fashion, jewellery, arts, crafts and toys and services our Mela Bazaar is certainly the most exciting bit of the Mela! Our Mela Bazaar has room for all types of exhibitors, from experiential marketing experiences to sampling opportunities. The Mela has always been a place a shopper’s paradise and a great way to get a true taste of India in our famous Indian Bazaar.”

Raaj Stage

“We aim to find undiscovered artists and feature them centre stage at the biggest Mela. Every year the Raaj Stage features a wide variety of new music. Catch all the upcoming stars from local to global at the Raaj Stage.”

World Food

“With over 20 stands featuring food from across the world, the Sandwell & Birmingham has its own World Food Village! Nothing adds more flavour and spice to the Mela than the fantastic array of delicious food. A wide range of different cuisies to choose from you will be spoilt for choice including Thai, Indian, Caribbean, Mediterranean, Vietnamese, Chinese and more!”

Fun Fair

“From white knuckle rides to more laid back fairground classics, the Fun Fair will get you grinning like its a powder day. Rattle your mates on the Dodgems, huck a triple backflip 182ft up with the Reverse Bungee or take in the view of Birmingham at your own pace on the Ferris Wheel. As a special for just the Mela a man made log flume and roller coaster will be part of the Fun Fair just to give you that extra bit of fun!”


“Showcase is all about the local community. We give the big platform for emerging South Asian artists, local groups and schools to showcase their talent. From music, dance and poetry we will make the Mela attract a diverse range of audiences to come and join in! Its not all about enjoying the performances, but also getting into the sprite to participate. The showcase stage will run activities throughout the day which would give the chance for the audience to participate in our arts.”





For all the lowdown, head over to the Zee Birmingham Mela official website to find out more information on tickets, attractions and performers.

Twitter: @BirminghamMela

Facebook: BirminghamMela

Images: Birmingham Mela 


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