Nowka Bais

A fan of boat racing?

Nowka Bais is the traditional form of dragon boat style racing in rural villages of Bangladesh held after the monsoon rains and reflects many of the customs of the country. The Nowka Bais was introduced to the UK in Oxford by Aziz-Ur Rahman and his sons in 2007. Since then, it has gone from strength to strength and has now become an annual national event in the Bangladeshi cultural calendar attracting thousands of people from all over the UK. Nowka Bais in the UK is organised and operated by Nowka Bais CIC a community trust company, and with the help of a steering committee.



The 9th National Nowka Bais will be held at Edgbaston Reservoir again, Birmingham which attracted over 20,000 people from all corners of the country last year. 2017 promises to be a bigger event #NowkaBais2017 July 16th #GetYourPaddlesReady




Date: Sunday 16th July 2017

Time: 10am – 6pm

Location: Edgbaston Reservior, Birmingham B16 9EE

For more details on how to partake or watch the action, visit


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