The Big Sleuth

Repeating The Big Hoot’s multi-award-winning formula, Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity and Wild in Art are teaming up to present The Big Sleuth.

To most people, the word ‘sleuth’ means a private detective, but it’s also the collective noun for a group of bears! Bizarre but true.

Birmingham will bring both definitions together in the summer of the 2017 and the Sun Bear, the world’s smallest species of bear (now threatened with extinction) is the inspiration for a brand-new sculpture for this event.


So what’s the relevance to UTSAV 17 Year of South Asian Culture?

The sun bear originates from South East Asia and 2017 is the 70th anniversary of Indian independence. The event also links to Birmingham City Council’s East South Asian Year of Culture – that’s us!

The Big Sleuth bear is a sun bear, also known as the honey bear. The sun bear is the smallest of the world’s eight bear species, about half the size of the American Black Bear which makes it the perfect choice for Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity.

What is the Learning Programme?

The Big Sleuth Learning Programme, aka The Little Bears Detective Club is a school initiative inviting schools, young people and community groups to be inspired, get imaginative and decorate a mini sun bear. Youngsters took inspiration from local history, the plight of the endangered species, and South Asian arts and culture.

The decorated mini bears will be displayed in arts, cultural and leisure venues across the city alongside up to 100 large bears, sponsored by businesses and decorated by regional artists, as part of The Big Sleuth trail. At the end of the summer, the mini sun bears will be returned to the schools and community groups that decorated them.


These incredible creatures are sure to inspire creativity and generate plenty of fun for all you sleuth spotters on the trail! After which, the bears will be auctioned to raise valuable funds for Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity.



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