Spoken Word and British Asian Voices

DESIblitz.com is part of the 2017 Birmingham Literature Festival. With a selection of 3 fantastic Asian-based literary events between 7th to 15th October.
With support from Arts Council England, DESIblitz.com welcomes prominent Asian authors from the UK and India to discuss the growing popularity and relevance of Asian literature in multicultural Britain.

DESIblitz presents Asian Literature at Birmingham Literature Festival 2017

DESIblitz will run a Spoken Word and Poetry workshop led by established artists Amerah Saleh and Shagufta Iqbal.

The workshop offers budding creatives to explore their poetry writing. And use their cultural experiences to find their own unique voice. It offers a brilliant insight into producing your very own spoken word performance.

With three events that promise to be entertaining and informative, DESIblitz.com Managing Director, Indi Deol says:

“We are really pleased to be part of the Birmingham Literature Festival this year to celebrate the rising popularity of Asian voices and literature.”

“In particular, it is wonderful to invite Preeti Shenoy all the way from India to discuss her flourishing literary career. We have a wonderful series of events that are sure to resonate with both the Asian and literary community.”

Each of the events will take place at Birmingham’s prestigious Library of Birmingham.

The Birmingham Literature Festival 2017 promises a great mix of literary events that truly represent the voices of today’s generation. Other interesting guests at BLF include prominent Pakistani author Kamila Shamsie and The Guardian journalist and writer Gary Younge.

To find out more about DESIblitz.com’s events at the 2017 Birmingham Literature Festival, please visit the BLF website here.

Event Details

Date: Saturday 14th October 2017 
Venue: Room 102, Library of Birmingham
Time: 3:30pm-5:30pm

Tickets: £8/£6.40 concessions

Book Tickets: Workshop: Spoken Word

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